How vcita supports SMBs’ financial literacy

Running a business is a balancing act, and sometimes, financial literacy isn’t one of the top priorities. To run a successful business, small business owners need to learn to understand financial statements and how to run their business most cost effectively...

4 Ways to build and nurture relationships with your SMB clients

Small businesses might be deemed small but their impact on the economy is anything but. Making up over 90% of businesses and over 50% of employment globally, there is no reason why small businesses should be overlooked when it comes to building business relationships...

Why marketing agencies are choosing vcita’s all-in-one platform to grow their bottom line

In the pursuit of gaining a competitive edge in a highly competitive market and developing sustainable revenue opportunities, strong partnerships are a key factor in achieving your goals as a marketing organization. Your clients are important to you, and making them feel like you are their go-to guru for all things business related will help […]

10 Expert tips for tax professionals to prepare for tax season

Tax season is already in full swing. If you’re a tax professional, this is your time to shine...

Top small business trends to follow in 2022

With the end of each year comes a time to analyze, reflect, and then plan. It’s important to take a look at what we’ve learned and understand what that means for next year.  That’s why we’ve rounded up the top small business trends and outlined what you can expect from the small business landscape in […]

When banks and small businesses work closer together, everybody wins

Small business owners have had a tough time of it since COVID-19 hit, but they are working hard to bounce back. The second wave of PPP funding gave small businesses a boost, while stimulus checks which encouraged consumers to spend again gave their revenues a further shove in the right direction.  Small business owners have […]

Banks have much to gain by facilitating lifelong learning for SME owners

In the US and much of the Western world, vaccines are rolling out, and the focus has shifted to enabling and smoothing the way for economic recovery. And as McKinsey neatly put it, the recovery will be digital.  Banks have work to do, building a new position within the revamped digital business ecosystem that values […]

4 Advantages of working with a cashless business

The move to cashless business has been in progress for a while, but like so many societal changes, it really took off when COVID-19 hit, with 69% of US retailers seeing contact-free payments spike between January and August 2020. Mastercard reports that more than half of all Americans favor contactless payments today.  A recent study […]

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