Pricing & Monetization

At vcita, we provide our partners with a variety of monetization opportunities, allowing them to explore new revenue streams and drive more upsells for their existing offerings. Our pricing structure is highly flexible and has been crafted to accommodate diverse Go To Market strategies, thereby empowering our partners to select the model that best aligns with their unique business goals.

  • What is the Pricing Model for vcita?

    At vcita, we provide multiple pricing models to cater to diverse market needs and go-to-market strategies. Our GTM (Go-to-Market) team works closely with the parties involved to define the most suitable packaging strategy, considering our experience in the SMB (Small and Medium Business) market and our partners’ business objectives. Here are the recommended subscription models that are popular among our partners.

    Lead Nurturing & Business Management (recommended for Marketing Agencies, Website Building Services, Directories, and Yellow Pages):
    This pricing strategy offers a streamlined Lead Management solution that captures leads from multiple sources, notifies the user via email & push notification, and enables the user to store and engage with leads via a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and instant messaging. This plan also includes basic lead nurturing functionality to help users engage leads and clients, helping them close more deals and generate more repeat business. Please note that the lower-tier plan is designed for a single business user and will not support multiple staff members within the same account. The higher-tier plan is “Business Management,” which allows users to not only nurture and convert leads but also manage all aspects of their daily business operations, including scheduling, payment orchestration, client communication, and more.

    Lite Business Management & Complete Business Management:
    This model offers two tiers of a Business Management solution. The lower-tier package provides basic functionality and is built for one user, while the higher-tier package supports more advanced business needs and can be used by teams with several staff members collaborating with each other.

    Payment Management & Business Management (recommended for Financial Service Providers, Banks, and Fintechs):
    This approach enables partners to offer a lean payment collection and processing solution that empowers users to streamline their billing and gain better control over their finances. This plan includes features that support a wide range of billing workflows such as estimate generation and invoicing, payment links, automated and scheduled billing, and more. The higher-tier plan allows users to not only collect payments but also manage all aspects of their daily business operations, including client communication management., scheduling, marketing, and more.

    In summary, vcita provides a range of pricing models to meet diverse market needs and GTM strategies. By choosing one of our recommended subscription models, our partners can benefit from our experience and expertise in serving the SMB market and achieving their business goals effectively.
  • What is the Upsell Process?

    Upsells are a crucial part of vcita’s strategy to drive revenue growth and user engagement. We use both assisted and unassisted funnels to promote upsells to our customers.

    Unassisted Upsells: Automated communication that does not require the involvement of sales teams:
    We offer several ways to upsell our customers without direct sales team involvement. For example, users can discover features within the solution UX. While some premium features may not be available on lower-tier plans, they are not removed from the product. Instead, they remain visible but in a “locked” mode, which encourages users to upgrade and unlock the solution’s full capabilities. Additionally, we use in-app banners and contextual pop-ups to prompt users to upgrade. These prompts are mostly trigger-based and linked directly to actions the user is already taking in the app. Finally, we offer event-based email marketing to promote feature discovery and adoption and encourage users to explore the platform’s full potential. All upsell communication is white-labeled and features partner branding.

    Assisted Upsells:
    We offer a flexible partnership model that enables our partners to define their level of ownership over customer-facing services such as sales, support, and customer success. Some partners prefer to manage their SMB customers independently, based on training provided by vcita. Others opt to leverage our expertise and rely on our internal team to cover these areas on their behalf.
    In cases where our partners choose to leverage vcita’s SMB-facing team, we proactively reach out to SMBs or invite them to book a demo with a sales representative to deliver upsell services. This service is provided by the vcita team on behalf of the partner, and the vcita brand is not exposed during interactions with partner users. To learn more about vcita’s professional services, please visit this page.
  • How is billing managed?

    vcita provides partners with two billing options to choose from:

    Manual billing:
    Manual billing, which allows partners to select any manual billing method they prefer. Data syncing from vcita is facilitated via API or the partner management portal.

    Digital billing:
    » Partner connects to the billing system via API.
    » Alternatively, vcita can connect to the partner’s selected billing system. In this case, vcita collects payment from SMB clients and pays the partner their relevant share.
  • How can the vcita platform be monetized beyond subscription sales?

    There are multiple ways for partners to generate additional revenue on the platform, including payment processing and paid apps.

    Payment processing:
    Payment processing services can be offered on the platform, with partners enjoying a percentage of the processing fees. vcita supports multiple payment processors, including its own native processor, and third-party processing services. Partners are recommended to leverage vcita’s native white-labeled payment processing service, which enables them to enjoy the optimal revenue-sharing arrangement. For more information on revenue sharing, please contact vcita’s partner specialist team.
    Thanks to the open nature of our platform, partners can easily connect payment gateways popular among their target market. By connecting your preferred gateway, you will enable your clients to enjoy vcita’s wide variety of billing features (such as invoicing, payment links, payment web widgets, and more) in full compatibility with the integrated processing service.
    To learn more about connecting gateways, please visit our developers’ hub.

    Paid apps:
    Partners can also monetize the platform through paid apps. In addition to the platform’s core business management features, vcita offers a selection of popular applications that complement the solution and empower users to access all the tools they need through one digital front door.
    The app market supports both free and paid apps, with paid apps displaying a price and enabling users to purchase an app subscription and start using the app within the platform.
  • Which apps are currently available with the vcita platform?

    Please visit our appmarket to view the most up-to-date list of apps available with the platform.
  • Who publishes the apps?

    While some of the apps in the app market are developed and published by vcita, others are published by third parties. Many partners leverage vcita’s open platform to integrate their own apps or connect third-party apps that are popular among their target market.
  • How is billing managed for apps?

    vcita will bill users for apps on behalf of partners, and provide partners with their share of the revenue as part of the monthly invoicing process.
    To purchase an app, the end user must initiate the app purchasing flow from the platform’s app market. Through this flow, the user will select an app, confirm the purchase, provide payment their method of payment, and receive a confirmation and invoice via email.
  • Can I purchase and pre-install apps on behalf of my users?

    Partners can choose to bundle apps with their packages and cover the cost of apps to make them available to users at no additional cost.
  • Will my apps be available to other vcita partners?

    To increase reach and expand revenue potential, partners can make their apps available to other vcita partners who can choose to offer them to their end-users.
  • Where can I learn more about publishing apps?

    To publish their own apps, partners can visit vcita’s developer hub to access APIs and detailed documentation.
  • Where can I learn more about publishing apps?

    For more information on app rev-share, please contact our team of partnership specialists.

    Overall, there are many ways for partners to monetize the vcita platform beyond subscription sales, enabling them to generate additional revenue while providing their clients with a range of valuable services.

Do you have any questions about our pricing and monetization?