Create long-lasting engagements with your SME clients

We partner with industry leaders to help small businesses succeed with a complete digital solution

A partnership that drives growth

Increase engagement

Offer value-added services that address the everyday needs of small business owners.

New revenue potential

Create new cross sell and upsell opportunities with a complete small business offering.

Build trust and loyalty

Reduce churn with a sticky solution that helps your clients survive and thrive.

Introducing the first SME super app

Our modular platform offers businesses an ecosystem of services through one digital front door.
Leverage vcita’s platform to launch, deliver, and scale your SME solution.

Open and modular

Select your solution’s building blocks from our ecosystem of services.

Deep integration

Integrate your own set of capabilities to create a seamless user experience.

Time to market

Bring your comprehensive SME solution to market within weeks.

+10 years of driving successful partnerships

We know how to empower small businesses to think big

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