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Manage your practice from A to Zero administrative overhead.

Manage your appointments, payments, documents, and patient communication from a secure cloud-based app.

vcita helps healthcare providers like you spend less time on paperwork and phone calls, and more time providing care.

Why healthcare professionals love vcita

"Thanks to vcita I'm able to service my clients online, and easily manage registration and payments.
I also love the campaigns! I tag my clients and share relevant messages to stay in touch.
My clients appreciate the ability to do everything online and I get to focus on what I do best".

Marcus William

Physical therapist

"vcita helped me adapt to the new normal, while keeping myself and my patients safe.
My patients know they can book their next check-ups from my portal, and we allow high-risk patients to book remote video consultations hosted on Zoom."

Michelle Dillon

Charlotte Natural Wellness


"vcita has completely eliminated my no-show problem. Being able to make people pay upfront for a session really helped. It instantly sends out the message that this is a professional business, and it gives people the confidence to pay online. Everything that you do in order to make your business run more smoothly ultimately increases your revenue."

Naomi Janzen

Expert EFT Trainer & Practitioner

An award-winning platform. Loved by small businesses worldwide.

Everything you need to run and grow your business

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Self-service portal

Empower patients to book, pay, share paperwork, and get in touch via a secure and friendly client portal.

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Payments & Billing

Simplify billing with online payments and e-invoices.

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Online scheduling

Invite patients to book and pay for appointments or group sessions online.

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Patient records

View patient history, messages, and documents from one place.

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Go paperless

Manage and share paperwork & documentation on the cloud.

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Securely deliver virtual therapy from any device.

Let patients self-serve, starting today.

Your friendly portal will be there for your patients, anytime and from any device.

Introduce your patients to a sleek and secure patient portal where they can take action – book an appointment, place a payment, review or share paperwork, or reach out to your staff.

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Less stress.
More focus on care.

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