vCita Partnerships

Does your company work with Small Businesses? Offer your clients a way to capture more leads online, increase their engagement with prospects and customers, and streamline scheduling, follow-ups and billing.

What Kinds of Partnerships Does vCita Offer?

Generate additional revenue from your clients and extend your brand with our best-in-class client engagement solution for Small Businesses. vCita offers multiple partnership levels to web hosting and service providers, business directories, marketing agencies, business consultants, web designers and developers.

  • Resellers and Web Professionals

    Web developers, designers, online marketing agencies, and other web solution providers.

    • Demo and offer vCita to your clients.
    • Fit vCita to your client needs and customize vCita widgets for their websites
    • Purchase vCita subscriptions at a discounted price and resell them as part of your services
    • Track your client accounts at vCita with reports and administrative access
  • Co-Brand, White Label or other integration

    If you have access to thousands of small businesses, vCita's co-branded or white label solution may be right for you. Bake the complete vCita client engagement platform into your services.

    • Increase revenues from every customer
    • Brand vCita user experience to match your brand colors and logo
    • Optional full white label and Single Sign On for your customers
    • Easy HTTP-based API
    • Volume discounts
  • Affiliates

    Promote vCita to your clients and colleagues, or advertise vCita on your website, email campaigns and other marketing channels and get paid for each referral that results in a vCita Premium account.

  • API integration

    If you wish to offer your customers easy onboarding to vCita from within your service, or integrate vCita widgets into your customers’ websites, you should take a look at our HTTP-based API

Who Might be Interested?

  • Web presence enablers

    Website hosting platforms, website editing tools, Web designers Online marketing consultants

  • Consumer facing directories

    Local & vertical business directories, expert networks, Q&A services

  • Business facing directories

    Industry associations, B-to-B directories

  • SMB/SOHO service providers

    Any provider that offers services to small businesses - sales services, email & social marketing vendors, etc.

How to get started?

Get started right now by joining our Affiliate Program or our Reseller and Web Professional program.
It takes a minute to register and it’s completely free.