How wide?12', 16', 20', 24', 32', 36', or 40'
How long?20',36, 40',60',84',100' etc. up to 160'
How high? 8', 10', 12', 14', 16'
Galvalume on the roof or painted?
Do you need the Eng. drawings to pull a permit?
Do you want a Lean shed off of the sides?
If Yes To Shed Above, What size? 12', 14', 16', or 20'
Do you want the barn closed in? Yes or No
If you said Yes to Closed In, How much? All, Part, or Just Gable
Do you want galvalume or painted metal wall siding?
Will you need doors?
If you need doors, what kind? 36" Walk thru doors, 6' Double doors, Roll up doors
How many doors do you need?
Do you want windows?
If yes, how many windows?
What size windows do you want?
Would you like insulation in the roof and/or on the walls?
If you want delivery, tell us where
Do you need it installed?
Want insulated walls, skylights, all treated,or something else? Tell us,
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