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How to schedule a "phone" or "Skype" appointment with United Patients Group

Use our "Schedule an Appointment" button in GREEN - on the upper right of this page to schedule an appointment.

For International Clients: "Skype" option only available

The meeting scheduler will display our up-to-date calendar and let you pick a time. 

What is Included in a Patient Consultation:

  • Introduction into cannabis treatment, if needed.
  • Assessment of where you live and how you can attain 'legal' medical cannabis products.
  • Instructions on how to become a legal patient.
  • Instructions and contacts to attain medical cannabis credentials (Legal States).
  • Which application of medical cannabis is best for you and why.
  • What to expect when treating yourself with medical cannabis.
  • Suggested trustworthy companies and products.
  • Assistance in contacting product providers (Legal States).
  • Freedom to guide your consultation in the direction that best suits you.