TOSC: The Official Spades Club

You Win When You Join! Guaranteed.

♠ Special People Are Destined Ever Since .... The Official Spades Club Members share in $100 Visa's (unlimited), PLUS gift cards, and a chance to put the game of Life in our people's hands. All are guaranteed at least 1 immediate support service and secured personal trust for a lifetime or time-sensitive VIP privileged period In the Members Only Section. The World Wide Web is our table to share as we play against all odds of personal success.

Lifetime support (Auxiliary) is available for $11.11. Spades is the foundation of TOSC, our social innovation organized online as personal partners to All individuals plus groups and other entities as brands and consumers of relevance, opportunity, culture, and knowledge. And now with patent pending it is formally Proclaimed that Spades played in person is our Club Sport. By bid or points, we rank and reward. In God We Trust.

We Can Not Wait! We Need You to Win. Let's set a time for a Member's Welcome by Skype, Face-time, social media or phone. Your success is my duty. Your $100+ Award is here waiting. Call if you need assistance or more understanding. You Win When you Join!

In God We Support and Trust,