Stephen Gregg, V.P. Sales & Marketing for Power Sales University .....

I am the Co-Founder - V.P. Sales & Marketing of Power Sales University. I specialize in Personal and Corporate Sales Training, Personal Development, Online and Offline Lead Generation, Business Coaching, Direct Sales & Network Marketing Training.

About Me

Stephen Gregg is professional Keynote Speaker,  Sales Trainer and Peak Performance Coach.  Stephen also is the Co-founder & V.P. of Sales & Marketing for Power Sales University.

Stephen is a master at teaching business owners, network marketers and direct sales professionals how to grow their business and make more sales.

He focuses on everything from the mastering the basics in the sales process, networking skills, online and offline lead generation, network marketing to advanced sales and marketing strategies, as well as leadership development and personal accountability.

Stephen covers topics from the very advanced for top leaders all the way down to the basic fundamentals of overcoming fears, lead generation and having a winning mindset. His coaching and training are based on the needs of the audience.

Stephen has trained and presented to hundreds of audiences including corporate, regional and national conventions. He works with local events hosted by distributors, speaks on conference calls, presents on webinars, as well as his puts on his own live training workshops throughout the year.

If you are looking for a speaker that has walked the walk and knows how to teach people how to build a business in direct sales or network marketing, Stephen Gregg is the perfect choice.