Maeve Crawford

The Soul Mate Catalyst

About Me

Maeve Crawford is known as The Soul Mate Catalyst, and has attracted her soul mate by using the attraction and relationship building processes she now teaches others. As a qualified dating and relationship coach for singles, Maeve has several years experience in supporting people to discover exactly what they want for their love lives and learn how to achieve their goals.

Many people have experienced powerful transformations not only in their love lives, but also in other areas including discovering their life purpose and fulfilling a life-long ambition or dream. With tremendous empathy and intuition, Maeve empowers the mature professionals who work with her to create their own powerful transformations and break through their personal saboteur. She lovingly provides her clients with the knowledge and tools to create a life they love, which allows a new relationship with themselves to emerge and attract their soul mate.

Maeve is on a mission to heal the soul of the world by assisting people to experience powerful breakthroughs in their lives and develop divinely loving, harmonious relationships with themselves and others and experience a whole new way of being. Her chapter “Becoming Your Own Soul Mate” appears in the book Pebbles in the Pond ~ Transforming the World One Person at a Time. The power of this book lays in the poignant, heartfelt stories of personal transformation brought to you by inspirational leaders from all over the world. Their stories share how they overcame seemingly insurmountable challenges to become the people they are today. You are invited to contact Maeve or schedule time to talk.