Janet Stephenson

Intuitive Life Coach, Transformation Tour Guide

About Me

Welcome to My Coaching Portal The first thing I’d like for you to know about me is that I believe … ~ Life is a Transformational Journey to Discover the True Nature of the Self ~ There are times on this journey that we need a bit of guidance, healing and support along the way. This assistance is especially valuable when we seek to: • Break free from self-imposed limitations • Understand and comprehend our own value • Embrace Our Potential • Align with our Soul’s Path • Overcome fears, doubts, beliefs • Heal Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually. That’s why I’m here! In my role, as a Butterfly Maiden, I will assist YOU on your Transformational Journey. I offer Guidance, Empowerment, Healing, and Support. I base my services on a high level of integrity, infused with intuition, wisdom, and insight – for the best and highest outcome for YOU. I invite you to schedule a to see for yourself. If you have ever wondered or wanted specific answers relating to you personally about … · What Is My Life’s Purpose? · Where Am I Going? · How Do I Get There? · What Am I Doing With My Life? · Where Did I Come From? · Who Am I? Then use the panel on the side of the page to schedule your session now! I can assure you that clarity, peace, happiness and fulfillment will come to you as I assist you to discover your own answers to these questions. I am "Like a GPS for your Soul - helping you navigate, guiding you where you want to go." I look forward to hearing from you! Janet Stephenson Intuitive Life Coach / Healer / Empoweress