Drupal Plugin for Online Scheduling & Contact Management Software

LiveSite by vCita integrated into Drupal to provide online scheduling, credit-card payments and contact form for your website

vCita LiveSite for Drupal helps you generate more business opportunities on every page of your site and deliver amazing service . LiveSite transforms your Drupal website into a personalized portal where clients can communicate, share documents, schedule appointments and pay for services anytime, on any device. vCita LiveSite helps more than 100,000 businesses worldwide increase the number of opportunities through their website.

  • Add LiveSite to Your Drupal Website in Seconds

    Add LiveSite with just a few clicks - no coding required. Customize your LiveSite colors, fonts and text to match your website's color theme and your business branding. Collect customized data from your clients with every contact request.

  • Double Your Leads With vCita LiveSite

    Invite your website visitors to contact you on every page of your site. The LiveSite invite is on every page of your website. It encourages visitors and clients to take action - contact, schedule an appointment, pay for a service and more.

  • Automated Email and Text (SMS) Notifications

    Get instant notifications for every new contact request. Reply from your computer, tablet or phone. Click to return client calls.

  • Robust Contact and Client Management

    Capture unlimited contacts and client communications and other important data. Easily search for contacts and follow-up: take notes, edit contact information and track sent emails.

  • Online Payments & Invoicing

    Get paid faster by offering your clients a simple and convenient way to pay right on your site using a credit card or PayPal.

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