The rise of AI is upon us… Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Put your entrepreneurial and AI development skills to the test. Push your mind to new limits and work with your team to…well…win!

How does it work?

1. Get prepared

Gain the fundamental skills required to participate in the hackathon - from prompt engineering to developing your own products using our APIs.

July 15th & 17th @11AM

2. Get your idea out there

Got a stellar idea to put out there? Register your idea on the idea board.

  • Must include AI
  • Must have a working POC within the 2 Hackathon days
  • Must be related to our product and provide value to vcita & our users, and be aligned with our company goal (10 substantial usages of AI across the product in main flows)

  • Until August 6th
    Everyone is welcome to contribute their ideas!

    3. Assemble and register your team

    Get a team together of up to 6 people, consisting of at least one and no more than 3 developers.

    Register your team and join the Hackathon official Slack channel.

    *Participants outside the R&D, product, or UX teams should get approval from their managers and notify Ram/Shiran

    Until August 6th

    4. Consult with the planning committee

    Get feedback and help develop your idea from the planning committee.

    *You must register your idea no later than August 1st

    5. Build your idea

    Show us what you’re made of! Use the two-day Hackathon to build a working POC of your idea.

    Expect tasty treats and many fun surprises!

    Note: The hackathon will take place in the Israeli office. Remote participants must get approval from their managers.

    August 6th - 7th

    6. Pitch your POCs to the judges

    It’s your Shark Tank moment! Pitch your idea to the panel of judges and see if you qualify to win cool prizes!

    August 7th @ 7 pm (IL)

    When else would you get a chance to win these cool prizes?

    1st Place Prize

    Oculus Quest 3
    *One for each group member

    2nd Place Prize

    A smart speaker
    *One for each group member

    The judges (dun dun dunnnnn)


    Can anyone participate in the Hackathon?
    The hackathon is open to R&D, Product, and UX teams. If you are from a different team and wish to participate, reach out to your manager for approval. Ideas are welcome from anybody and everybody!

    What is the expected outcome of the Hackathon?
    A working POC and a presentation of your idea that you will then present to the panel of judges.

    How many people can I have on my team?
    Up to 6 people are allowed on a team. No more than 3 developers.

    Can I participate remotely?
    The hackathon is an on-site event that will take place in the Israeli office. If you want to participate remotely, reach out to your manager for approval.

    Who can I reach out to for help?
    For technical questions, reach out to Sagi. For product related questions, reach out to Shiran or Ram.

    Where should I start?
    If you have an idea, list it on the ideas board. If you’d like to join a team, register to one on the teams spreadsheet.

    What types of ideas can enter the Hackathon?
    Only AI ideas that relate to the vcita product. An idea for an AI recipe app, for example, will not be relevant in this case.

    See you there!