Invoice template

Create, print & email your invoices from any device


Create, print and email professional invoices with your logo, company details and terms of payment. And it’s more than just an invoice template: clients can securely review your invoice online, forward it, respond with a billing inquiry or pay with credit card or PayPal. Watch the video >>

Your invoice template. Your logo.

Select layout, size, texts and colors to perfectly fit any website. Add mandatory or optional questions for contact requests, in any language.

Unlimited archive for invoices

Track and update invoice status (draft, sent, read by client, paid). Keep an archive of all relevant client communication, including service requests, appointments and billing inquiries.

Invoice tracking & reminders

vCita sends you an automatic notification when an invoice is overdue. You can mark any invoice as paid, cancelled, or ask vCita to send an email reminder to your client.

Accept credit cards or PayPal

Allow your clients to securely pay online for your invoice with any credit card or PayPal account. No separate payment gateway is required – payments are simply transferred to your PayPal account – at no additional cost.

Issues invoices, collect payment online and easily track your income

Easily create, email and track invoices

Invoice your clients, track payment status and send automated notifications and payment reminders

Invoice, collect and track payments online

Issue and archive invoices, allow clients to conveniently pay online via credit card or PayPal and track payment status

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