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vCita helps small businesses to create an actionable website and provide an efficient
client scheduling solution.

Appointment Booking and Scheduling For Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers such as doctors and dentists, can benefit from vCita’s easy to manage calendar, and self-service appointment booking offered to their patients.
Patients can go online, check for the next available appointment for any staff member in the clinic, and book an appointment at his/her preferred date and time.

vCita Online Scheduling Helps You Stay In Touch With Your Patients

Patients will receive a confirmation email, with directions and other instructions for the specific provider, and will be reminded a day before and again an hour before their scheduled appointment. This helps cut down on follow up calls and keeps you in better touch with your clients
The clinic administrator can review staff schedule, reschedule appointments, and schedule a follow-up visit for the patient at the clinic.
Here’s an example of how online scheduling would look like for a single doctor:
<show a calendar only – not services menu>

See below an example of vCita scheduling experience:

See how it can look on your website:
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