Make a big impact on
small businesses

Provide your clients with the tools they need to work more efficiently, gain more clients, and grow their business

An app built for small businesses

Put your clients in control, with an intuitive and complete business
management solution that automates their business-critical tasks.


Enable businesses to build deep-rooted relationships at scale.


Help businesses streamline their billing and payment collection.


Empower businesses to increase productivity and unlock growth.

We offer a wide range of partnership opportunities.
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Marketing Agencies | Financial Institutions | Online Directories | Telcos

Our strategic partnership program is designed for leading companies seeking to offer groundbreaking solutions to their small business customer base.

Business Consultants | Business Bloggers | Website Builders | Sales Experts

Our partnership program for small business leaders is ideal for individuals or small teams who wish to become trained and certified vcita distributers and consultants.

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