Apryl Nicole Psychic Medium

As a clairvoyant psychic and medium I use my God gifted abilities to bring healing, closure and blessings to those seeking insight and guidance.

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Reading Policy:
-Please note, you must be 18 years or older to book a reading with Apryl Nicole. With parental permission and guidance, you may be under 18 years old.

-Psychic readings are for the purpose of entertainment, or personal guidance. There are no guarantees, implied warranties, or assurances of any kind given during your reading. Apryl Nicole, and her affiliates will not be responsible for any interpretation made, or used by the recipient of the information and advice mentioned. Scheduling an appointment for a reading means you adhere to this agreement.

Non-Negotiable Cancellation Policy:

-All readings must be paid in advance when the appointment is booked.
-Readings are NON-REFUNDABLE, but you are allotted ONE opportunity to reschedule your reading with suitable notice.
-After your rescheduled reading is booked, there WILL NOT be a secondary rescheduling; therefore, you must forfeit your appointment and all monies paid in advance.
-We reserve the right to reschedule appointments at any given notice in instances of travel, illness or family emergencies.
-There is a ZERO TOLERANCE tardy policy. All clients that are tardy to their appointment, are subject to ONE immediate reschedule for the next available appointment. (Please Note: A tardy is defined as being late to your appointment even by one-minute. We live in California, so expect every hour of every day to have heavy traffic.)
-RETURNING clients please make sure you wait 4-6 months in between each appointment to make your next booking. All clients who do not adhere to the 4-6 month policy, will be subject to automatic rescheduling without notice and without the option of a refund.

Spirits with Spirit Events:
-When purchasing a ticket for an event, please note that ALL event tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE and may be subject to filming without notice.
-All filming will be used in public marketing or show content. By purchasing a ticket, you are waiving your rights to confidentiality.

Big Sur Retreat Policy:
-Deposit: There is a $250 non-refundable deposit that is due immediately upon booking. There will be $200 due on the 1st of February and the last installment of $200 will be due on April 1st; for a total of $650. All remaining payments must be completed 30 days prior to retreat date.
-Cancellations: Please note that retreat cancellations are NON-REFUNDABLE. If you cancel the retreat, you forfeit ALL monies paid in advance.